Welcome to the NineTail Labs blog!

Welcome to the NineTail Labs blog!

What is NineTail Labs? Well, it is my organization on GitHub and under it I distribute a number of open source libraries (via Nuget) as well as producing some closed source private project. So what is the purpose of this blog? No, it is not to promote NineTail Labs (although I might sometime refer to our source code) it is in fact a place where I intend to write tutorials and guides about software development, server setup and other IT topics that I find interesting.

The main reason why I started this blog is to share the knowledge I have gained in a way that it can be of value to experienced developers while providing a solid foundation for developers that have just started out. Over the years I have learned a lot and most of it came through hard work, with a lot of trial and error. While the struggle of learning things has value in and of itself, I would like to present some of the things I have learned to those who are interested but do not necessarily have the luxury of time to learn it the way that I did.

All of the tutorials that you will find on this site will be presented in compliance with Best Practice standards that NineTail Labs uses. I will also attempt to post tutorials that contain meaningful content rather than keeping it simple simply for the sake of keeping it short or "understandable." I have encountered too many simplistic examples over the years that ended up teaching me nothing (in fact, some of those made me give up on certain practices for many years)

Now, obviously this blog is opinionated, but everything I post here is something that I use in the day to day development for NineTail Labs (and more often than not also in my professional capacity.) Everything that I preach I also practice, I do not intend to sell concepts that I myself do not believe in. If you have a different opinion please feel free to share, I am always looking for new techniques and concepts that I can use to better my own skill.

I have to give credit to DieNand who created our awesome logo. Thanks dude!